September 28, 2012

Warby Parker Round 3

My annual eye exam is coming up soon which means time to pick new frames!
Styles Shown:
Miles in Hazelwood
Sinclair in Burgundy Fade
Chandler in Olivewood
Percey in Charcoal Fade
Percey in Striped Sassafras

September 27, 2012

Weekly Want: Blue Suede Baggu

Every morning my inbox is flooded with tons and I mean TONS of e-blasts from all of my favorite retailers. Lately, I've been trying to scale back and unsubscribe from brands I've either outgrown or the ones I only shop at once a year (that's you, Victoria's Secret, Hautelook, and Forever 21!). But there is one brand that makes me GASP every single time I open their emails—BAGGU. I have three of their regular shopper bags, one baby BAGGU for carrying around lunch, two daypacks, and (my favorite) the duck bag. I LOVE their bags. They're durable, versatile, and they come in the best colors! And every time I open their e-mail, there's another new product in great colors that I love and need. My most recent obsession is their small leather pouch in blue suede. I've been waiting one of their leather pouches for a while but couldn't decide which color I wanted. Then they released the blue suede which is just absolutely stunning!

Available at BAGGU for $20

September 21, 2012

Hang in There

Last Saturday, Flock Shop celebrated their 5yr Anniversary with their last art exhibition titled "Bright Future". They had recently announced that they will be closing shop in January 2013, which makes me really sad. They have been really supportive of my work since the beginning and they were one of my first stockists, and I'm sorry to see them go. But on a happy note, they plan on keeping their online store open and plan on working out some possible pop-up shops.

Stop by and check out the show including work by Jared Andrew Schorr, Jesse Tise, Patrick Hruby, Owlo, Joey Chou, APAK, Linda Kim, and Kevin Chan (as seen below).

Afterwards, we dropped by Q Pop for the Tokusatsu show. The show was absolutely amazing, but unfortunately couldn't take any pictures. The show is up now until September 30th, so check it out while you still can. Of course, while I was there I had to pick up something by Minifanfan. This time, it was this sweet pack of stickers.

Everything about Minifanfan's work reminds me of the work I want to be doing. Things that are fun, quirky, and light-hearted. This upcoming Wednesday will be my last day working at Richer Poorer. And I'm leaving with nothing else lined up and with no real plan ahead. I'm going to be using this time to rebuild my Etsy shop, work on new work, make new things, and just be. It's a very exciting but scary time. I'm applying for both Renegade SF and Unique LA this year; wish me luck! So keep checking in to see what I'm up to next.

September 14, 2012

Weekly Want: Color Block Locket

I've been coveting Verabel lockets for a really long time. But when she started collaborating with Alyson Fox, I just died. The locket is vintage with an illustration by Alyson. I love the simplicity and the colors. I feel like in this digital, less people wear lockets. More people are willing to have their loved ones as cell phone wallpaper than a treasure hanging from their necks. I had a gold heart-shaped locket when I was a kid that I wore until the chain no longer fit. Rest assured that if I ever get a new locket, I'd definitely put a picture of Sebastian in it.

Available at Verabel for $65

September 7, 2012

What I Bought Yesterday: Myrtle

Yesterday, I made a much overdue trip to Myrtle to visit the ever-so-lovely Whitney and to (of course) do some Fall shopping. Upon entering, I was extremely ecstatic to find that this Hetterson beauty was still there. I have been coveting the Hetterson Crenelle sweater for-freaking-ever. Then when I learned that they weren't going to made ever again, I told myself "If Whitney still has it in store the next time I go, I'm going to get it. No excuses." And lucky me, it was the last one AND it was in my size! The minute I tried it on, I knew it was perfect. The fit is impeccable.

Looking closely at the details, it's just so hard to believe that this was made in the small home studio where the pieces were knitted on a machine and then sewn together. Did I mention it's made from organic merino wool…which means it's super soft!

I've also been on a jewelry kick lately. I've been wearing so much more jewelry than I ever did in college but compared to my childhood, I'd say it's about the same amount. Whitney recently got in an array of pieces from dullDiamond and of course I went for the neutral one. I actually wanted one of the more colorful ones, but I just couldn't pass up that black triangle.

So if you haven't stopped by Myrtle yet, I suggest you do. The selection definitely won't disappoint. But don't blame me if it makes you want to walk away with the whole store.

September 6, 2012

Weekly Want: Doctor Cat

If any of you spend as much time on the internet as I do, you have your favorite web comics; whether it be Cat and Girl or Diesel Sweeties. For the longest time I faithfully followed Sinfest (pun intended?), but one of my new favorites is Doctor Cat — a comic about (you guessed it) a cat who happens to be a doctor. When he's not chewing on the hearts of his patients, he's arguing with Lawyer Cat…because he can't seem to keep himself out of malpractice trouble. Well this week I was informed that they make a Doctor Cat plush! When I heard that JAKKS Pacific was making Nyan Cat toys, I thought it was dumb (although I saw it coming). But I'm totally on board with Doctor Cat!

Available here for $23

But then I saw the Lawyer Cat shirt…
It's totally toss up between which one of these I want more.

Available here for $19.99

And for those of you who haven't read a good web comic lately, I recommend you go catch up on some Doctor Cat…and yes, he's a M.D.

September 5, 2012

What I Got in the Mail Today

Today, I received this lovely package from the ever-so-sweet Satsuki Shibuya. I was very sad to hear that she was closing up shop, so I rushed to place an order before her goods are gone forever. All her products are handmade and she even ships them in this cute vellum envelope she sewed together.

Inside was a large bento bag with her raindrop pattern that has been screenprinted using soy-based ink and it's lined with green polka dot fabric. It's big enough to carry around lunch or fruit (my favorite!), but right now I'm using it to carry around yarn for my current crochet project. I'm totally in love with it…I wish I had bought one sooner! Thanks Satsuki!

September 2, 2012

The Glass is Face Full

Tonight, Sebastian was roaming around the desk being his mischievous self when he did something he's never done before. He took a plunge head first into an IKEA glass not full of water. Yep, he stuck his face into the glass just to lick up the 1/4in. of water on the bottom. His water bowl was filled to the brim all day, so he wasn't dying of thirst. Who knows what really drove him to do this other than just being a silly cat.