December 18, 2017


The past few months have been quite the rollercoaster ride! At the end of August, I left one of my part-time jobs. I was working two jobs on top of being an artist! I felt like it was the right time to move on and that I had reached a point where I was no longer gaining anything from being there. So now I work as an (almost) full-time artist and part-time for my friend's stationery company, Small Adventure.

Soon after CatCon, I was busy with all the cat portrait requests that came trickling in. And I was also getting invited to participate in more gallery exhibitions. Time was flying by and the next thing I knew DesignerCon was here. I didn't even get a chance to post an announcement about it here on the blog!

These days, I wonder if anyone even reads blogs anymore but I continue to post anyways because they're really more for me than anyone. They're just the perfect way to document time in one place. If you ever want to see more works in progress, you can always follow me on Instagram.

This has been one hell of a growing year for me. All I can really say is: Thanks so much for following along and for all your support! 

Here's a piece I recently worked on for the 3rd Annual Totoro Show at Giant Robot. It's actually of my favorite character from My Neighbor Totoro that isn't Totoro himself—Catbus.

Catbus Clock