October 3, 2009

Read for Leisure

I happen to be a huge fan of J.D. Salinger, and yet I still haven't read the Catcher in the Rye. And if you've noticed, I still haven't read it.

One of my goals is to start a new habit, or routine if you will, of reading for leisure. I've found that these days, with basic cable, there's really nothing to watch on tv. I seem to enjoy premium cable channels when I'm at Kevin's house, but when I'm at home I'm constantly channel surfing looking for something to watch. I'm also one of those people who leave the tv on even though I'm not really watching it for the sake of room noise. 

So in any case, I've decided to try to devote my free time to reading and rereading awesome novels. The first of which is Franny and Zooey. It was one of the books I chose to read off of a list of required summer reading in high school. and I admit that I never properly read it. Actually, I didn't read most of the books I was supposed to read in high school. I've just never thought of myself as being a very good reader. and by that i mean, i like books and novels and i like reading them. i'm just bad at reading them when they're required. and reading with a deadline.

This also leads to me wanting to redesign the covers for 3 Salinger books for my portfolio. Yet another project idea that i need to execute before March 2010 so I can apply for the BFA program. Fun Stuff!