August 28, 2015

New Mixtape Plushes!

Just added these two to the shop! Check them out!
There's also a sale going on right now! Get 25% Off all Orders with code: HOTHOTHEAT

August 23, 2015

New in the Shop this Week

As I sell through the remaining 1in. Real Job Buttons, I'm releasing the new 1.5in version of them. Not only are they bigger, but they got a bit of a facelift too. The first two to be released are: Marathon Napper & Pillow Fort Architect. You can get them now in the shop!

August 10, 2015

Sad Songs Mixtape Plush

I've been working on my first plush toy ever. The basic model is just a sad little mixtape, but I'm planning on having some one-of-a-kind versions that will be exclusively available at Designer Con. I've been trying out different sizes, and made one of the prototypes available in the shop. I'll be announcing the final version soon.

August 4, 2015

Meet Robbie the Runt! (and a mini update)

I've been a little busy with freelance stuff because…hey, I need to make money to pay bills too! I've also been interning with Amanda Visell, whose work I absolutely love! I've been learning a lot from her and Michelle Valigura, and they're sorta mentoring me too. They're starting to put some pressure on me to get my DesignerCon stuff done (there might be some resin casting in my future); So I'm starting to stress a little. I haven't really been spending much time drawing and painting lately because of everything that's going on, but I finally had a little bit of time last night to do a bit of drawing. I drew this cute little dude and I'm a little obsessed with him.
I'm so obsessed with him that he's currently my profile pic for a few of my social media accounts. AND he's also available in the shop as a button!