November 25, 2011

Lovely Shade of Thanksgiving

Every year, I spend my Thanksgiving with my bf's family. His parents are avid gardening enthusiasts and have well over 42 rose bushes in their garden. This year, they decided to adorn the dinner table with some of their beauties. These coral ones were just absolutely beautiful.

Ridiculous Cat Lady

A few days ago, Fieldguided released their dreamcats calendar for 2012. It's nothing short of graphically beautiful and I totally want one. To have one in my possession will cement my crazy love for cats.

You can purchase them here or here.

November 18, 2011

Opposites Attract

In a few weeks, some of my friends are graduating from our BFA Graphic Design program at Cal State Long Beach. They'll be moving on to bigger & better things, but first they'll have to survive the super hectic next few weeks. To celebrate, they're throwing a really big & awesome show. Here's the promo video to their upcoming show for your viewing pleasure:

Be sure to check out their bios and a sneak peek at some of their work over at And don't miss the show, up December 9–11 at MADhaus Gallery!

November 5, 2011

Wednesday Want: Pendleton Point Blanket Cape

I'm totally obsessed with this Pendleton Point Blanket Cape available at Pendleton is most known by their vibrant colors and high quality wool. I just love the boldness of the stripes and the overall minimal look.