September 6, 2012

Weekly Want: Doctor Cat

If any of you spend as much time on the internet as I do, you have your favorite web comics; whether it be Cat and Girl or Diesel Sweeties. For the longest time I faithfully followed Sinfest (pun intended?), but one of my new favorites is Doctor Cat — a comic about (you guessed it) a cat who happens to be a doctor. When he's not chewing on the hearts of his patients, he's arguing with Lawyer Cat…because he can't seem to keep himself out of malpractice trouble. Well this week I was informed that they make a Doctor Cat plush! When I heard that JAKKS Pacific was making Nyan Cat toys, I thought it was dumb (although I saw it coming). But I'm totally on board with Doctor Cat!

Available here for $23

But then I saw the Lawyer Cat shirt…
It's totally toss up between which one of these I want more.

Available here for $19.99

And for those of you who haven't read a good web comic lately, I recommend you go catch up on some Doctor Cat…and yes, he's a M.D.

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