September 27, 2012

Weekly Want: Blue Suede Baggu

Every morning my inbox is flooded with tons and I mean TONS of e-blasts from all of my favorite retailers. Lately, I've been trying to scale back and unsubscribe from brands I've either outgrown or the ones I only shop at once a year (that's you, Victoria's Secret, Hautelook, and Forever 21!). But there is one brand that makes me GASP every single time I open their emails—BAGGU. I have three of their regular shopper bags, one baby BAGGU for carrying around lunch, two daypacks, and (my favorite) the duck bag. I LOVE their bags. They're durable, versatile, and they come in the best colors! And every time I open their e-mail, there's another new product in great colors that I love and need. My most recent obsession is their small leather pouch in blue suede. I've been waiting one of their leather pouches for a while but couldn't decide which color I wanted. Then they released the blue suede which is just absolutely stunning!

Available at BAGGU for $20

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