October 10, 2012

What I Ate: Hot Red Bus

Yesterday, Kevin took me to Hot Red Bus for the first time for lunch. Hot Red Bus is a new British & Indian eatery that opened up a block away from Gallery Nucleus. I had their samosas and a wrap a couple of weeks ago when Kevin brought them with us to the Hollywood Bowl. But this is my first time actually going to the restaurant. They have just softly opened a couple of weeks ago. It's a very casual kind of eatery; a bit like a fast food joint. All the people who work there are super nice and extremely sociable. I ordered the Doner & Chips. If you've never had doner before, it's a mixture of beef and lamb spun on a vertical rotisserie that is then shaved. It came with a side of curry for the chips (you could also ask for it already poured on). They also gave me a side of their yogurt & mint sauce and their tamarind sauce that went perfectly with the meat.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the decor. All the tables are decorated with tabloids and newspaper clippings. The particular table we were at had clippings of Kate Moss and club football (soccer). So if you're ever in the area, I recommend stopping by. I have yet to have something disappointing from their menu.

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