October 6, 2012

Weekly Want: Mary Meyer Silk Tee

Keeping with the blue theme set by last week's want, this week I started thinking about this Mary Meyer silk tee and how it had been a while since I last interacted with Whitney (owner of Myrtle) on Twitter or Instagram. We communicate via social media quite often mostly because I never get a chance to stop by the store as much as I would like to…but my wallet thanks me for that! But the last time I was there, I tried on this Mary Meyer top and I instantly knew I was in trouble. It's in the best shade of primary blue. It fits like a dream! and it feels amazing on! If I owned this top, I would wear it to death. But the big killer for me was the price tag…and I also happened to drop a lot of money on that Hetterson sweater. I'm just gonna keep dreaming about it for now.

Available from Mary Meyer for $147

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