July 9, 2012

Beatlemania Comes to Nucleus

On Saturday, All Together Now: A Tribute to the Beatles opened at Gallery Nucleus to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles. The festivities included some Beatles-themed desserts, a yellow submarine cut-out photo op, and a Beatles cover band. And if you were lucky enough to be there at the right time, you might have spotted Sir Ian McKellen. The show took up both the main gallery and the small atrium gallery on the second floor. Over 50 artists contributed pieces interpreting some of their favorite songs (the most popular being Lucy and the Sky with Diamonds) while others relived Beatlemania. Here's a brief glimpse at some of my favorite pieces and the illustrious life of the fab four.
I love seeing evolution charts and timelines. Andy Ristaino shows us the joy of Beatles wardrobe changes.

This next piece by Stephen Silver depicts just how I would have imagined Beatlemania in Japan.

I've alway been a fan of Scott C. but I especially love this super elongated shoeless piece. And if you love Scott C. too, prints of  of this piece are available so you can have this hanging in your home for an affordable $30.

And of course you can't have 60s Mod without Shag. He did this awesome purple number and there's silkscreened limited edition prints available for pre-order.

So if you're a Beatles fan, this is a fun show to check out. It's up now until July 29th.

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