July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

I know this song really has nothing to do with Independence Day but when I was growing up, this song reminded me of quintessential American life even though I didn't really know what it was about back then. Being the first generation American in my family, there was always a huge culture clash in our household. I wanted the "American dream "(minus the 2.5 kids), but my parents wanted me to live the "Vietnamese way of life" although I strongly disagreed with them. In a weird way, this song was always a reminder of how different I was from my parents.

I finally saw The Graduate later on when I was older and the visuals were exactly how I imagined it: skinny ties, tailored clothes, nice cars, nice architecture…Southern California in the 60s. For being a child of the 80s, my style pulls a lot of inspiration from the 60s. I just love all things mid-century modern, especially California architecture from that period. Every time I see a young Dustin Hoffman, I think to myself "I'd date a guy like that."

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