June 30, 2012

Weekly Want: Fifi Lapin iPhone 4/4s Case

I've been a long-time fan of Kris Atomic, an illustrator based in Brighton, UK. In fact, I'm currently rocking her work as my wallpaper. Her work is fun, whimsy, sassy, and girly. I love all her girls. The best way I can describe them is: they're the type of girls I've always imagined myself hanging out with and the type of girls I thought I'd grow up to be.

But Kris is probably most known for her character, Fifi Lapin. Fifi is the most fashionable bunny alive and has been seen sporting the best looks from the runway. She became so popular that she even has her own book titled What Shall I Wear Today? Prior to getting an iPhone, I made a mental list of cases I want when I finally get one. Somehow this cutie slipped my mind. Here's Fifi Lapin sporting oversized shades, white v-neck, and a yellow skirt…essentially my uniform.

Available at Iconemesis for £24.99

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