June 29, 2012

Galactic Glitter Party

I stopped by American Apparel today to meet with my bff Nisa for lunch. She ended up getting caught up with a quick meeting so I decided to kill some time in the Factory Outlet store. Although the Factory Flea Market is currently going on and it's going to continue all through summer, I just didn't feel like browsing through that mess despite the lower prices. After a while, I felt like I was wandering the store way too long so I thought what better than to get some new nail polish for the summer. With the Fourth of July just days away, all I could think of were FIREWORKS!!! I spotted these two bottles of glitter and just had to have them!

The one on the left is called 'Supernova' with multi-sized, multi-colored glitter and the one on the right is 'Galaxy' which I describe it as "it's as if a Jeff Koons exploded" but all the glitter in that one are the same size. I've been dying for multi-colored glitter nail polish for a while but I've been wary since my past experiences with glitter polish have been horrible. Back in high school I had a few bottles of heart-shaped glitter polish and star-shaped glitter polish given to me by a relative who worked at a salon. I remember them being really chunky and really difficult to get an adequate amount of glitter on my nails…in other words, it took a lot of work just to get more than two pieces of glitter on my nails.

But these from American Apparel are quite wonderful! I paired OPI in My Private Jet which is an iridescent black polish with Supernova and I love the result. I also love that even when the glitter is layered on unevenly, it still looks intentional.

My favorite part is how they just sparkle and glisten in the light. Now my nails are ready for some Fourth of July fireworks!

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