June 9, 2012

Super Late to the Supahcute Dream Team Show

Amidst all the craziness of the final weeks of my college career, I totally missed the opening reception for the Supahcute Dream Team Show at Leanna Lin's Wonderland. The show was curated by my friend Hana Kim of Supahcute.com and featured some of my friends & favorite people: Michelle Romo (CROWDED TEETH), Genevieve Santos (Le Petit Elefant), Melissa Contreras (Axelhoney), Martin Hsu…just to name a few. But the entire lineup was totally amazing! After recovering from the final semester, I finally got a chance to check out the show.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

The above are pieces by Hiné Mizushima. I love the way she works with felt and her pieces are always whimsical.

Like Hiné, Yoko Nomura also makes awesome felt sculptures. Yoko's focuses more on the shenanigans of forest friends.

I love this deer guy by Gary Ham mostly because it feels very Amanda Visell-esque.

But this guy was my absolute favorite. He looks slightly sad and indifferent, but at least he does it in style.

All the pieces in the show can be viewed online over at Leanna's blog. The show is still up until June 24th.

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