April 16, 2015

Weekly Want: Hand-painted Cat Brooch by Emma Carlisle

I feel like I've been lagging on blogging because I've been focusing on producing new work. It's been a little disheartening seeing a lot of my favorite Etsy shops close & move their shops elsewhere…or worse, close forever. But being a seller myself, I understand. I don't expect my etsy shops to be there forever either. But the one thing I really miss about the old Etsy is how easy it was to discover new sellers & great products. The new Etsy tries to predict what you will like based on what you previously liked or what your friends are liking and it ends up being a bunch of repetitive stuff.

I think that's why I haven't posted a Weekly Want in a while. I just haven't come across anything recently that wowed me. But I've been thinking a lot of Emma Carlisle's work lately. Everything about her work just makes me happy. It's probably mostly because a lot of her work features a orange tabby cat that reminds me of my Sebastian. This week I'm loving this particular hand-painted brooch. It just looks like Sebastian when he's looking to play!

Available from her shop.

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