February 4, 2014

Weekly Want: BAGGU Sailor Stripe Duffel Bag

I've been itching to travel lately…mostly just wanting to take the year off to travel and draw. But being that I am self-employed, I don't yet have the luxury to do that (financially). I have also been thinking that it's time to update my luggage. For the past ten years, I've been using the same Adidas gym duffel when I travel and it's quite small. I've had this bag since high school and never had my own luggage. Most of the suitcases I owned were hand-me-downs from my sister. Being a big fan of BAGGU, I was super excited when they announced the release of their duffels. In a little over two weeks, I'm going on a mini vacation to New York and would totally love to take this with me on the trip. 
Available from BAGGU for $82

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