December 23, 2012



The one thing I will always love about IKEA soft serve is how cheap and simple it is. It's like instant gratification that reminds me of childhood. And how no matter how horrible things get, everything's going to be ok.

I've been sorta taking some time off since returning from San Francisco. It's like recovering from a storm. Renegade Craft San Francisco was a fantastic show…in fact, it was the best show I have ever done! Starting next month, I'm going to start phasing out the knitwear. It was an extremely difficult decision to make, but I decided it wasn't worth all the time I had invested in it. I hardly sell any online through Etsy, but almost always nearly sell out when I do a show like Unique LA or Renegade Craft. I need to move on to something that sells more consistently and something that I also enjoy making. Over the years, I've grown to dread making knitwear. What once was a hobby I loved is now a chore that I loathe. Also, just keeping a yarn stash around so I can fill orders when needed takes up a HUGE amount of space which I don't have. Yarn currently takes up about 50% of the real estate of my room.

I've also been thinking about my job situation, but also enjoying this time away from a day job. But the time is drawing near when I will need to make a decision and just stick with it for a bit…just long enough to afford to move out and get going in a direction.

I have a few things I'm working on right now which I'll talk about soon. But until then, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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