December 23, 2012

For the Sake of Content

I guess I never addressed this because I almost didn't feel the need to, but in case you haven't noticed this blog has migrated back to Blogger (again). For those following along, this blog has moved several times between Blogger, Tumblr, and Wordpress…mostly because I was overthinking everything instead of doing whatever felt the most natural. In the end, I decided to come back to Blogger for many reasons. I wanted to go back to the earlier years when my blog was really about the content. I always felt that with Wordpress I got too obsessed with the way things looked and the way things were structured. I spent more time messing with the CSS than actually writing posts. And with Tumblr, I never could post much original content simply because I knew it would get buried under all the random things on the internet I would be reblogging. I know a bunch of designers who would probably say "Why are you still using Blogger?!" but I don't care. There's nothing really wrong with Blogger anymore. I think people just remember what Blogger was like in the old days and believe that not much has changed since then.

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