November 12, 2012

A Tiny Bit of Tumblr Fame

Never in my life did I think the best-selling item I've ever made would be an 1 inch button. Since adding them to the shop two weeks ago, they've been selling like hot cakes. I was extremely overwhelmed by how popular "Pillow Fort Architect" became and it is currently the top seller. 

Yesterday, I got two orders — each ordering multiple quantities of just "Pillow Fort Architect" — and I thought "What is going on?!" I looked at my shop stats and it showed Tumblr as one of the top sources but I didn't know exactly from where. Hours later one of my school friends posts a screenshot on my Facebook wall telling me that my stuff was blowing up on her Tumblr feed. I went to investigate and found that the post with my pins has gotten over 7,000 notes (that's reblogs & likes combined). Nothing I have ever posted has EVER gotten anywhere close to that number!

I'm super grateful that people are loving these pins. They've become so popular that I currently have tote bag versions in the works. You can get the pins here.


  1. I received an "Ice Cream Aficionado" button in my Christmas stocking this year. I love it! The whole series is great.