August 20, 2012


Over the weekend, OOOTOPIA: AN ARTGEBRAIC TRIBUTE TO ADVENTURE TIME opened over at Gallery Nucleus. Much like many of their other tribute shows to pop culture favorites, the line to get in was ridiculously long. It stretched around the corner to the end of the bank parking lot.

The line around 9:20pm opening night.
The show featured a great line up of the usual suspects and some talented newcomers.

Fwends Forever by Jared Andrew Schorr
Jared's pieces always make me smile. I love his serious paper cutting skills. And this time, he out did himself with this double-sided piece.

Princess Bubblegum by Michal Wright-Ward
Daddy Why Did You Eat All My Fries by Sachin Teng
Cattack! by cmykevin
Kev and I love cats! So he had to do a cat-related piece for the show…and Me Mow, the tiniest assassin ever! totally fit the bill.

Party Animals by Sean Chao
I'm a super huge fan of Sean Chao's work. You've probably seen his work several times on this blog. I'm always amazed by how small he's able to work and I love how he creates these little enclosed environments.
I don't want to spoil the fun. You'll just have to see the rest yourself! So if you haven't had a chance to check out the show or just wanted to avoid the opening night crowd, the show's up until Sunday September 9th!

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