March 21, 2012

Sunday Shopping

On Sunday, after having an epic brunch with some close friends, Kevin and I decided to take on the Long Beach Antique Market. It happens every 3rd Sunday of the month and I've heard many great things about it from friends and acquaintances, so we really made an effort to wake up early to make it over. When we got there, the number of vendors was a little sparse due to the weather days before but there was still a good selection of awesome stuff. Here's a glimpse at our shopping adventure.

Although there were less vendors than usual and few of the vendors packed up early, it was all still really overwhelming. I managed to snag some sweet deals from a couple of the vendors who wanted to pack up early.

I was really excited to have finally purchased a train case (which I've been wanting for a while) for $15. Most of the ones on eBay run $45-80 and aren't in very good condition on the inside, but this was was really clean and didn't have a gross, funky smell. YAY! And then for the serious business setup that I will one day have, I bought a $12 2-hole puncher. Shortly after buying this, I turned to Kevin and said. "Now I just need an old pencil sharpener and I'm set!"

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