March 25, 2012

Sunday Pie Party

For Sunday brunch, I took a trip over to The Pie Hole with Kevin and Steve. I've been meaning to go back since my last time there was on my last day at American Apparel, which was back in December. And typical me chose to drink Dr. Pepper while everyone else drank coffee.

We got a slice of the Thai Tea pie which was the special they had for Pie Day (March 14th). I didn't expect that they would still be making it, since it was supposed to be a special. It's a layer of Thai tea filling and coconut on a chocolate rice krispie crust. The Thai tea flavor of the filling was pretty light but it was delicious nonetheless.

The special pie of the day was the Mexican Hot Chocolate and it was really rich and decadent. The vanilla bean whip cream was totally necessary to balance out the richness of the chocolate fudge filling. The crust was like a salty graham cracker crust that went perfectly with the sweetness of the fudge.

Then for our actual meal, we had the brisket hand pie and the chicken pot pie.

 Between the two meat pies, the brisket was definitely the best. They also have a mac & cheese hand pie which is also delicious but it would be amazing if they just mashed it together with the brisket.


  1. Yum, delicious looking photos!

  2. you should definitely try it when you're in the area. they always do specialty dessert pies that are limited runs.