January 9, 2012

Too Much Food/Day 2

We started off the day by going to Cracker Barrel for brunch/lunch(whatever the first meal of the day is called when you wake up late). Kevin has been super excited to go since we got here, I would almost say "too" excited. I ordered the country fried steak and waitress then asked, "What would you like for your 3 sides?" The look on my face was an expression of "Wait…what?!" Apparently, I read the menu wrong and thought I was to choose 1 of 3 sides. But in actuality, I was supposed to pick 3 from a list of 14 sides. So I got mac n' cheese, mashed potatoes, and dumplins…all fairly basic sides. But I didn't realize until the food came out that I had all carbs/starches for my sides AND my meal came with a biscuit and cornbread. At least I could say that it was good. I originally had no intention on going to the Mall of America on this trip, but after a meal like this one I definitely needed to walk it off.

(At some point between that and this we went to the U of M, Weisman Museum, and Dinkytown, which proved to be a total bust.)

And of course the fatty fest didn't end there. 

When we had just about enough of the Mall of America, it was dinner time! So we headed over to The 5 – 8 Club for some Juicy Lucys. And it was a bit of an ordeal to get to because it's near Lake Nokomis which made us drive in a huge circle to get to it. But once we got there, I ordered a basic Juicy Lucy with American cheese. It's a half pound burger with oozing cheese in the middle. And it totally didn't disappoint! And it's definitely not recommended for anyone on a diet.

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