January 1, 2012

Finally, A New Year

I'm so excited to be starting a new year. I had high hopes for 2011, but it proved to be a total dud. I got distracted and spent too much time on unimportant things. And I wasted my energy on people who just don't matter. In retrospect, I would say that 2011 has been the second worst year of my life thus far (second only to 2006). It's like I fell into a ditch and decided to just stay there. At least in 2012, I'm guaranteed one victory = FINALLY graduating from college. I see 2012 as a year of productive reparation. And it's about time I get on with life. 

This year, I have myself a lengthy & hefty list of resolutions:
- Read more
- Write more
- Draw more
- Rekindle relationships with old hobbies
- Rekindle relationships with my favorite people on the face of the planet
- Stop wasting time and energy getting frustrated/angry at people who *clearly* don't matter
- Stop feeling sorry for myself
- Realize that my mother didn't risk her life to come to this country just so I can bitch & whine about my existence
- Finally come to terms with my mother
- Work harder
- Play more
- Get busy living instead of waiting to die
- Work out/lose 15 – 20 pounds
- Return to former lifestyle
- Meditate at least once a week

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