August 24, 2011

Sometimes We Find Ourselves...

At a familiar place in our lives that we never expected to be back at. It's a place where all the familiar faces you once knew resides. And it's where they've been this whole time. Nothing could ever feel as good. You carry them with you in the back of your mind. And you've been searching for them all along. And you've been waiting for them to come back to you. Or is it them who's been waiting for you? It's the happiest place you could ever be and it makes you wonder how you lost your way in the first place. How did you make yourself so busy as to forget. How is it that we make it so easy to leave the lives we once knew. To leave it all behind. They're the people who hold the key to who we were and who we will be. They're the part of you you'll never forget, even if you wanted to. Even if you tried.

It's when you stumble back to the place that you once knew, that you try to hold onto it so tightly. As not to lose it ever again. And you wish it would last forever. But you know it can't, and in the end all you'll be left with are the memories of the time when you were once happy.

I get tired of believing in such things. I'm tired of all the missed opportunities. I'm tired of being left with just memories. And I'm just about tired of being content. I've outgrown my belief in sacrificing happiness for the greater good. I think deep down, I'll always have the greater good in mind. But I think I can become a much greater person if I could pursue all my goals with a much happier outlook.

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