June 28, 2011

Misadventures in Job Hunting

I went to a job interview today. And it totally wasn't what I was expecting. Granted it was for a wholesale company, which I already had the expectations that it was going to be boring, tedious, and formulaic (essentially a desk job, laying out catalog pages). After the interview, I only found two of those things to be true: tedious & formulaic. The people who work there were cool and they liked me. But the work they do and the work they wanted me to do were totally what I wasn't expecting. It was a perfect example of their website not reflecting the products they make (which can't be found anywhere on their website). Bad branding? Their website looks very...well...wholesale company like. Very corporate looking. Very bland. But most of the products they make cater to kids in the 7–11 age range. (But my 11yr old self probably wouldn't buy what they're selling. And I used to like loud accessories!) I love how nowhere in the job description does it say "you'll be designing products for kids." And it obviously shows in their work and the end products. They really should try looking for someone who knows how to design for kids. But building them a website was also part of the job descriptions. And at no point did we talk about that being one of my duties.

The interview was with their art director who is completely self-taught. And the interview was only about 15 minutes. They really liked me but wanted to know if I can do illustration work too. And they'd have to take a look at that before they give me an answer. I agreed to send some work over but in my head I was thinking..."If you want me to do illustration work too, you're going to have to pay me more."They were really nice people, but I can't see myself working there. This is what was playing in my head as I walked out of that office.

Maybe I'm being a little too harsh. Or not harsh enough. Maybe I'm being a little too romantic or idealistic about my job options. But I like to stick to my principles. I ranked that job as being almost at the same level as working retail. I'm finding it hard to get myself to work on products I can't stand behind. I'd be essentially doing the same thing I'm doing for CROWDED TEETH there. Which is just product design and point-of-sale displays. But I love CROWDED TEETH, and it's definitely an experience I can enjoy. Whereas with the wholesale stuff, I'm constantly asking myself..."Who actually buys this stuff?!" (The only logical thing would be to use that stuff as party favors.) I guess I'm holding out a little for that on-campus job. At least my expectations of that job actually match reality.

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