April 23, 2014

Recap: LA Cake Club April Meetup

This past Saturday, I went to my first ever LA Cake Club at littlemeatsLA. LA Cake Club is a monthly meetup started by my gal pal, Sara Tso of Matchbox Kitchen, where a bunch of dessert lovers get together and just eat a bunch of deliciousness. The only criteria for attending is that you must bring a homemade dessert (no store-bought here!). For me, it was a super fun reason to try out new recipes.

Kevin's mom recently bought a puff pancake pan from her coworker for a fundraiser, so I took this as an opportunity to put it to work. I found this recipe for ebleskivers (Danish puff pancakes) with lingonberry jam from Serious Eats that totally did the trick.

Everything looked so good that this little dude wanted to join us.
This tres leches cake showed up late and I knew I was in trouble. I LOVE TRES LECHES!!! I went back for multiple servings and took quite a bit of it home.
Loquat Cake
A few more cakes at shown up but I was too busy stuffing my face to continue taking photos. I had lots of fun and I'm looking forward to next month's meetup.


  1. omg yummmmm. wish i didn't have a food allergy. that all looks delish!

    1. are you gluten sensitive? i'm pretty sure there was at least one thing that was gluten-free friendly.