July 9, 2013

I'm Now on VSCO Grid!

VSCO Grid is a minimal publishing platform from the makers of one of my favorite iPhone camera apps, VSCO Cam. It's different than Instagram in that it focuses purely on the beauty of photography. There's no "follow" button, no "like" button, no commenting. It's simply your little gallery of photos. But VSCO Grid didn't completely alienate itself from social media, you can still share your photos on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or via e-mail. Anyone can have a VSCO Cam account, but the Grid is currently by invite only and I just got my invitation a few hours ago. It took them about a month from the time I signed up for them to send me an invite. 

What I love about VSCO Cam is, unlike Instagram, the preset filters actually look more like real film photography. And even if a filter takes it a little too far, you have to option to go back in and edit the contrast, exposure, temperature, etc. I also love that the interface is very minimal and beautiful. 

Here's a shot of Sebastian from my VSCO Grid. I promised that it won't all be just photos of him.

You can see more on my Grid.

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