June 24, 2013

Around the Neighborhood

Today, Kevin and I decided to take a little walk around the neighborhood. A few years ago we used to ride our bikes around in the summer, but never really explored it on foot. Kevin lives in a little neighborhood of Alhambra called Midwick Tract which we didn't even know was its name until about two years ago. It sits just one mile east from the Cal State LA campus, but it's most known for its famous former-resident—record producer, Phil Spector. Just a couple blocks down from Kevin's house is Phil Spector's Pyrenees Castle.

And this is about as close as you can get to it. It's surrounded by so many tall trees that you can't even see it from the outside. Sometime after his murder trial the words "Phil Spector's" were removed from the sign.

Our walk around the neighborhood quickly turned into a "let's take pictures of houses without being creepy" kind of trip.

We stumbled upon the only mid-century modern house in the neighborhood which was surprisingly on sale at an affordable $679,900 for 3 bedrooms/1.75 bathrooms. I loved the stairs on the exterior of the house.

And then Kevin showed me this house that he just refers to as "the house on stilts". It's the tallest two-story house in the neighborhood. They obviously cheated.

House on Stilts
It was nice to use a real camera again instead of constantly relying on my iPhone. If you haven't explored your neighborhood lately, I think you should go for a walk! Have a great week everyone!

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