October 27, 2012

What I Bought Today: 10.28.12

Things have been crazy and I haven't been keeping up with updating the blog. I've been super busy prepping for Renegade Craft SF, as well as fulfilling some Etsy orders, and I'm on the waitlist for Unique LA so I'm just going to double produce as if I got in. If I find out this Friday that I am in fact in, then I'll only have a month to get ready for the show. With things a little stressful around here, I decided to take a break from the grind and did a little shopping for myself. I think of it as buying birthday presents for myself. After dropping off some pins at Flock Shop, Kevin and I headed over to Little Tokyo to do some wandering.

We headed over to Kinokuniya because I wanted to look at their selection of mt washi tape, but I ended up walking out with more than just mt tape.

I picked up a new Scotch tape donut dispenser, this time the "mint" one. I recently misplaced my vanilla "whip" one so I wanted another one. I also picked up the October issue of FUDGE, my favorite Japanese fashion magazine. They also had the September and November issues but at $14 each, I had to talk myself out of buying all three of them. I chose the October issue mostly because the featured outfits in it were more my style. And then of course, I also picked up a two pack of mt tape. I had a hard time deciding which pack I wanted but I ultimately decided to keep it simple and go with the black & white.

Then we headed over to Q Pop because Kevin had to pick up a Joey Chou piece he purchased from the Tokusatsu show. The last few times I've been to Q Pop, I avoid looking at the t-shirts because I always end up buying something. But this time, I decided to take a look and found this amazing shirt from Kevin Dart based on his character Yuki 7. I love it because it's kinda Saul Bass-ish mixed with a bit of Jean-Luc Godard. I also love that it says, "A Woman named Danger."

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