August 3, 2012

What I Bought Today: 08.04.12

Today, I met up with the lovely Victoria of Paper & Type for a much overdue lunch date. We caught up over chowing down on sausages at Wurstk├╝che. Then we headed over to Pie Hole for dessert. We had been talking about going to Pie Hole together since last year when they opened and we finally met up to do so! AND they were serving up some delicious strawberry pie today!

I figured I was already roaming the Arts District, so I decided to stop by the Poketo store (yes, again.). They had just released their color & shapes collection, as well as the California series of shirts, and I had to get my hands on them!

I picked up the awesome Sun and Shore tee by the Portland duo Jolby and the Triangles tee adorned with triangles in the Poketo colors. They're super soft and comfy and the fit is great too! I came very close to picking up every shirt from the color & shapes collection but I had to stop myself.

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