July 21, 2012

In Love with Minifanfan

Last night I stopped by Q Pop to check out the Black & White Show that currently up. The last time I was there, I saw a ring by illustrator Minifanfan that I kinda regret not getting. But this time, I saw this tote that I just couldn't resist.

Minifanfan is a Malaysian Chinese illustrator living in Kuala Lumpur. Her work is playful & fun, and at times they seem a bit childish and non-sensical. But there's a sweet simplicity to her work. She uses a lot of bright, vibrant colors and patterns in a very flat way. You can see all the strokes of her marker in her work. Sometimes it even looks (intentionally) poorly colored in, but it gives her work a nice innocence to them.

I love how it always seems like her characters are just going about their business…as if the oddness of their behavior is just how they do things. They're just nonchalant about everything. Like these three characters below, reading the same "How to Become a Monster" book.

Minifanfan is definitely one of my new favorite illustrators…now I'm just waiting for her Etsy store to come back from vacation mode because I need more of her work in my life!

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