June 23, 2012

Shop Poketo!

Yesterday, I stopped by the brand new first ever Poketo store that opened up in the Arts District of Downtown LA. For years I've ordered stuff from them online, and now they just made spending money a whole lot easier. This weekend they're having their super soft opening from 11am – 7pm. For those familiar with the area, the store is just a few doors down from the back patio of Wurstk├╝che on 3rd Street…with a bright red doorway you can't miss!

I love these gradient dyed woven leather chairs that they had specially made for the store. And they're actually quite comfy too! All of the store displays are made of a combination of wood and metal. The use of wood all over the store was the perfect look for what I imagined a Poketo store would be like.

All the tables in the store have these great yellow legs! And now they carry health and beauty products too! There's also some beautiful Turkish towels that are new to the store and available in some great patterns.

This was my favorite table for two reasons: Leather & Watches. I have the Colorparty Watch in white and I love it. It's the perfect everyday watch because it's lightweight but doesn't look or feel super fragile. I'm debating about getting one of those snap wallets…the white one, of course!

The one thing I've always loved about Poketo is that they have such a great eye for color, patterns, and cool products. Every item they carry feels carefully curated.

They definitely have THE BEST selection of notebooks and planners. 90% of the notebooks I own are from them (the other 8% from Field Notes and 2% other). They carry a huge selection of notebooks from the Korean brand Millimeter Milligram which I can't find anywhere else except for maybe a couple museum stores (who probably order them through Poketo). Millimeter Milligram's planners have some of the best page layouts I've seen and they give you plenty of writing space. Some of their planners even encourage you to "Draw Your Tomorrow" instead of just writing it down like an average planner.

Of course, I had to pick up a few goodies for myself. I got a Tomorrow planner in white and fresh strawberry lip balm that smells totally delicious. When you get a chance, you should stop by the store at 820 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, 90013. You'll probably find it very difficult to leave without something too.

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