January 11, 2012

An Afternoon with Studio On Fire

While in Minneapolis, I thought to myself "Which studios would I like to see?" and more importantly, "Who wouldn't mind having us?" I contacted Studio On Fire since I was in Gallery Nucleus' Illustrated Type show with them last May. Ben Levitz, the Principal & Design Director, warmly welcomed us into the shop. 

Upon entering, there's an entire corner to the left that exhibits samples of (almost) all of their work from over the years.

The sample wall

Business cards
The Chandler & Price that started it all…
Ben first started off with just this one pedal-powered C&P. Today, the shop is made up of 13 employees including a crew whose sole responsibility is to keep the presses well-oiled and maintained.

Quite possibly the cleanest printshop I've ever seen.
Not only do they do letterpress printing in-house, they also die-cut and make plates in-house. They also use paper stocks from a local distributor. I just love how everything is done in-house and all their supplies are from local suppliers. Also coincidentally, the entire staff of Studio On Fire is fueled by Dogwood Coffee. Ben just happens to be friends with the folks at Dogwood and Studio On Fire printed their packaging. 

If you own one of their larger prints, it was printed on one of these Heidelbergs. They don't just have one…they have two of these in the shop. Fortunately for them, they know a local mechanic (who has over 30 years of experience with Heidelberg presses) who checks on their presses at least once a year. 

More sample work

The folks over at Studio On Fire are just so much fun to hang out with. And they're always doing such awesome work!

Special thanks to Ben & the crew for having us! You can see what they're up to these days over at Beast Pieces.

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