October 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

So over the weekend, I originally had every intention of taking a trip to the LA Printer's Fair at The International Printing Museum. But I woke up late (just a little before 1PM). And being that I had to be back in Eagle Rock at Leanna Lin's Wonderland by 5PM, I decided that wasn't happening. 

Luckily, Gallery Nucleus was hosting the SC3 Party in collaboration with the Southern California Classic Collectors. There were over 30 classic arcade machines available for game play and with that, of course, comes BurgerTime!!!

Anyone who knows me really well knows that I have some serious beef with BurgerTime. (pun intended? sure!) Growing up, I had it on my original Nintendo NES console and I remember it being really hard. Well...now as an adult, I still think it's pretty damn hard. And even harder on a classic arcade machine that isn't as quick and responsive as it was in its prime. 

For those of you who have never played it, you play the role of a chef and the goal is to build burgers but in the process you're being chased by eggs, sausages, and pickles who are trying to stop/kill you. And your only weapon is pepper, which you get limited quantities of and it only stuns them temporarily. You also have to run across each layer (bun, patty, lettuce, bun) to get them to drop down. But they only drop down by one level each time, so you gotta repeatedly run over the layers to get them to drop. Sounds difficult? Yeah, I know.

Does that sound confusing? Here...why not watch some gameplay....

Then when I was done totally done with losing to BurgerTime, I moved on to the next machine to my left...Oh Hey! What do you know...it's Paperboy! I think we were all totally falling for the sweet novelty handlebar controller. But once playing it, we all realized how much it sucked. And I mean SUCKED! I don't think anyone spent more than 3 minutes with this machine. Too bad. It had the potential of being awesome.

Then came Sunday which is Kevin's day off (he works Tues–Sat. it's the typical art gallery schedule), so we took a trip over to Nickel Diner in Downtown LA (most known for their bacon donuts).

I love that the Nickel Diner serves bottled sodas...no soda fountains to be found here! Unfortunately, I didn't realize it until after the waitress brought out my Coke that they had Dr. Pepper. But it's ok, bottled Dr. Pepper is only 8oz. whereas the Coke is 12oz.

Kevin ordered the Biscuits and Gravy (comes with 2 poached eggs) that's only available on Saturdays and Sundays. The gravy was a sausage gravy which made it 10 times more delicious!

And I got the 5th and Main (which is spicy BBQ pulled pork on potato hash with 2 poached eggs). It didn't look like it was a lot of food but it was really HEAVY. But equally delicious. 

I want to eventually go back to try their Irish Car Bomb donuts, Strawberry Crumble donuts, and the Dutch Baby. They also have really great homemade poptarts!

At the end of my weekend, I came home to this:

Sebastian was super bummed out that he had to stay home and miss out on all the fun.

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