June 3, 2011

Minimal is the New Excess

Everyone who knows me knows about my obsession with white. For some, white is just a phase. A trend. A fad. But for me, white is a state of mind. A way of living. Some find it odd when I say this but, I love white because there's something very offensive about it. The thought of something being piercingly stark white against a dark background. Or being an opposition to color by lacking pigment/hue. When mixed with colors, it tones them down. And with enough of it, it can soften even the loudest colors into a pastel(there's nothing threatening about Easter eggs). But it says something different then, say, a neon yellow. White is like a silent rebellion. It gets your attention without having to yell. Hell, it gets your attention without having to mutter a word. It has a grace about it. Even when it's challenging you to keep it clean. It can cause so much frustration by just being itself. When you don't want to touch it out of fear of getting it dirty, it dares you to touch it. It taunts and teases you. I don't buy into the belief that white symbolizes innocence and purity. White is smart, cunning, and manipulative. If anything, it uses its pure image to outsmart us all.

I own quite a lot of white items. My nature response to every product is, "Does it come in white?"

And my latest white object of desire is this little timepiece from Uniform Wares.
I don't see my love for white objects as being any sort of style. I'm just in love with the simplicity and adaptability. When you walk away from bold/obnoxious/trendy colors, you realize how much you don't need them in your life. White is the ultimate chameleon. Without having to take on another color. It goes with everything. And rarely ever clashes. 

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