December 26, 2009

And Then a View-Master Appeared, Out of Thin Air

So we were attacked by a mystery gift giver late late last night! There were 2 packages, addressed to Kevin and I (we should’ve taken a picture before opening, but was too excited). Both were wrapped in a faux-wood wallpaper/laminate, but with no indication of whom it was from. This was what Kevin got:
A Parker pen and pencil set, and a red Spacepen, inside a glasses case. Inside the glasses case were 3 random slips of paper, 1 looks to be an address, the yellow has 2 phone numbers, and the other is a Voter stub from Santa Barbara County, dated November 7, 2006.

I got a sweet Vintage View-master with tons of awesome slides.
Whoever this mysterious gifter is, I thank thee!

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